MOVE by Teptron teardown

MOVE by Teptron is a bluetooth controlled motor for your existing indoor blinds and shades. I backed their kickstarter campaige a while ago and received the reward unit last week. Nice.

My aim is automatically close a blind at 4:30PM every evening. Their app’s roadmap indicate such feature is planned but not delivered yet. Mmm…. can we make one ourselves?

They haven’t published BLE API but they do have UART commands in the developer page.

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1000円ちょっとでThetaリモコン Wio Node

リコーの全天球カメラ Theta S をいじる機会がありました。



Seeed Studio が出している Wio Nodeがいい感じです。Seeedから直接買うと$9.9。秋月で買っても1,100円







Wio NodeはもともとiPhoneアプリと連携して動かせるソフトが入っているようです。今回はそれは無視してkatsuya-sanのコードに書き換えます。

Seeed WikiにあったWio Nodeの回路図を見てみると、載っているuUSBコネクタは充電のみ対応。USB-シリアル変換ICも載ってないです。





Fix “TRAY MISSING” on Jura ENA 3

My jura ENA 3 coffee machine started to complain with “TRAY MISSING” message even when the tray is physically there.


Normally cleaning the tray can fix it but not anymore.

So I looked for the mechanism how the machine detect the tray.

Here it is. There is a switch hidden in the upper right corner.


Adding a blob of Sugru to the tray’s vertical wall should ensure to turn it on.

Pocket CHIP as HP200LX alternative

A friend of mine has got Pocket CHIP.

It’s a cute little Linux board and comes with nice screen plus QWERTY keyboard.

Typing text on the tiny keyboard feels like I’m back 10-20 years ago when I was playing around many PDAs.

My favorite PDA is HP200LX and I still miss its calculator application.

So I had to try installing MS-DOS version of HP200LX software (called CPACK200) via DOS BOX. And it runs!!!


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